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About Us

Prodi Foreign Trade Co. is founded in 2014, but our existence especially in feed additives sector is essential since 2005. We are especially focusing on exporting feed additives like premix for poultry and ruminant, concentrates, enzymes, growth promoters, toxin binders, encapsulated products (Urea, Choline Chlorite, DL-Methionine, L-Lysine)

What we do

Micro Encapsulated 
Coated Urea
Coated Choline Chloride
Coated DL-Methionine
Coated L-Lysine

OdiZyme P
OdiZyme X
OdiZyme XP
OdiZyme W

Organic Minerals
Organic ZINC


Why choose us

Our quality policy is to meet the requirements of our customers just in time with technical supports they need. We provide the good quality products and serve the good formulations for animal health which effects to health of the human being directly. 
     Being reliable is our first aim which provides us to have long term cooperation with our partners.